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Good morning one and all. It's another chilly day in the Sound with plenty of chances for rain. It's a great day to stay inside with a warm cup of coffee and obsess over your Fantasy MLS team.  Lucky for me, I managed to get it all out of my system yesterday and my squad is ready to ride triumphant over the rest of MLS.  I can now focus on work. And links!

Sounders Win Over Chicago: Servando Carrasco scored in the 120th minute of a 120 minute match to give the Sounders the 1-0 victory over the Chicago Fire in a preseason training game. Miguel Montano secured the assist. The Sounders now have a 4-2-2 record in their preseason training games. It's a good enough record to give Sounders fans heart, but not perfect enough to give the superstitious among us the fear that we'll end up like DC United last year. Video highlights and interviews from the match are available here (for extra bonus points check out Matt Gaschk's new mustache).

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Who is the Mystery Trialist?: One of the mysteries of the training game against Chicago was the identity of the mystery trialist. He played the more attacking of the two central midfield roles during the game. Even if I knew who the man was I probably wouldn't reveal the information. I wouldn't want a rival club to spend 10 minutes on internet research, phone in a discovery claim and call it scouting. However, that hasn't stopped at least one other blog from hazarding a guess on the identity of the player. The original article from MLS Rumors looks like it was pulled. So take it all with a good deal of skepticism.

Zakuani Teams Up with that Science Guy: Bill Nye and Steve Zakuani have teamed up with the Washington State Department of Transportation to sing the praises of the Good-to-Go passes for the 520 Bridge. I'm all for electronic tolling, but then again, I don't have to commute to the east side. Remember kids...a good pass makes anything possible!

USOC Qualifying Pairing Released: The qualifying games for the Open Cup have been released. D.C. United, the Philadelphia Union, Chivas USA and the Portland Timbers will start of the round in the first round and have the longest road ahead of them to reach the finals. Also, the Canadian Soccer News is reporting that CONCACAF will be getting an extra bid into the 2014 World Cup.

A Little Dose of Reality: Expectations are never too high for a new expansion team. However, 86 Forever has the most brutally realistic online poll I've seen. Currently leading the poll is the option: Whitecaps don't make the playoffs. Ouch. I know the Whitecaps have some serious forward problems, but with more than 50% of the league sure to make the playoffs you have to think the odds are halfway decent. On a more positive note...ticket sales are brisk for the new club. Let's all hope the Whitecaps don't turn into another Toronto. Great fan support combined with a series of lackluster teams.