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Why We Love Cascadia

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Rumor has it that Sigi isn't training the guys hard enough down in Arizona. Apparently some members of the Sounders thought the 1-0 win in the first competitive action of the preseason against the Vancouver Whitecaps was a little too easy. I guess the guys have a little too much free time in between two-a-days.

I somehow obtained this... leaked... image that surfaced from training camp. The original artist can't be confirmed, but judging from the mustache underneath the plane's nose, which I'm sure can't be good for gas mileage (aerodynamics and all), I've got an idea of who it is. If you think you can Paint Portland's Plane better than Roger the unknown artist, have fun with it. Just to be clear, I do not in any way condone Electric Yellow planes.

Although I'm sure Portland fans would *totally* prefer to see Roger's smug mug than that weird lion/eskimo face that's normally on those Alaska Airlines planes...