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Preseason Match between Sounders and Real Salt Lake at Grande Sports World

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Real Salt Lake is just two weeks from their first leg match against the Columbus Crew in their quest to advance to the semi-finals of the CONCACAF Champions League. Seattle on the other hand has 5 more weeks of training ahead of them. The two teams have very different goals in this match.

Seattle is still experimenting with new pairings, while the cobalt of the mountains are refining their game plan. Expect RSL to play basically a starting lineup.

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With fewer players in camp (only trialists Bah, Neagle and Prieto; supplemental Ford) this won't be the time to see one of those make a final push, but instead will be another chance to see how the second forward pairing is working out between Mike Fucito and O'Brian White. Another focus should be on how Roger Levesque transitions back to Formidfense and playing everywhere on the pitch.

It will also be interesting to see where Michael Tetteh gets slotted, as he hasn't been used in defense much at this point of the early pre-season.

This is your gamethread to tell us what you think about this match-up between two Western Conference favorites.