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Part 3 of Inside the Superdraft: Round 1 of the draft

New, 10 comments's video series profiling the three Cascadia teams in the runup to and execution of the 2011 SuperDraft has hit part 3. You can watch it here. It covers the first round, including the top 2 picks by VAN and POR as well as the sequence of trades for the Sounders' 11th pick.

There's one thing in particular that I think deserves highlighting. After the SuperDraft, Adrian was quoted as saying the draft was 'shockingly fantastic' from the Seattle perspective and that all 5 of their picks were in the top 23 of their draft board. There was some speculation that this might be a bit of post-draft propaganda to get the fans excited, especially after a number of the Sounders picks didn't follow the live draft scripts and were relatively obscure compared to some of the higher profile names (like Rooney) still available.

This video provides conclusive proof that Adrian wasn't blowing smoke. This episode opens with the Sounders staff discussing the wisdom of trading out of 11 and about 2 minutes in Sigi talks about the players that might still be there at 11. He includes Salgado (whoops), Anibaba, and Tetteh. So we know Tetteh was on their radar. And then they discuss the players that might still be available at 20, they discuss Warshaw, Leone Cruz, one of 'the goalkeepers', Caskey, and Carrasco. If we assume that Meredith falls into 'one of the goalkeepers', then that includes every player they took in the draft. Keep in mind this is before the draft even starts, and these are the players they are hoping to fall to 20, and they get every one of them but Warshaw and pick up Tetteh in the second round.

That doesn't mean these were really the best players available. Time will tell whether their scouting was successful. But it does mean that Adrian wasn't exaggerating when he said that it was a fantastic draft from the Seattle perspective, and that all of their players were in the top of their wishlist.