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Live Blogs v. Real Salt Lake

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hurtado arizona

Oh wait, it's only preseason.

Still, the first live blog of the season, but not me. Matt Gaschk has live updates of the game against RSL, which is about to start in a coupla minutes.

Looks like a similar set up to the last match against the Caps, 3 periods (45 min, 35, and 30). There are even fans down in Arizona getting ready to watch.

Interesting note, they are going to be playing with Nike balls today, as RSL is practicing for a CCL match (of which they use Nike regulation and not MLS-sponsored Adidas). Maybe we can expect more goals today?

The game is about to start, follow Matt's updates here.

Alternatively, MLSSSSSoccer has another liveblog going too, with more commentary rather than pictures. Follow that one here.