Open Flavor Fridays - MLS First Kick Celebration Edition


Once again talking beer, wine, food and maybe other beverages. Others will talk coffee - I can't as it is my full time job.

Let's get a few things out of the way. If you are not of legal consumption age in your place of residence do not drink alcohol. Do not drink in excess, unless you are around people you know in a private place. NEVER, EVER drive drunk.

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With the Biggest Game of the Season (tm) coming up next Tuesday this is simply a discussion about where you celebrate pre-game/post-game and why.

My normal stomping ground is Elysian Fields, in fact we (you, me, our community here) will be celebrating there in a big way on 14 May prior to the Timbers game. I like the beer, really love the happy hour food (not available pre-game :( ), and when I can sit down love the location on gameday.

ECS obviously goes to Fuel. This is certainly a "supporters" location. It is packed with vibrant color, loud chanting and beer/liquor deals that make it quite easy to get "excited" pre-match. I do enjoy the Brougham Bitter from Big Al's. Food is tough to come by on gamedays.

Fado Seattle has won awards as the best soccer bar in America recently, and is the home of GFC. More calm than the ECS sites, service is rapid and less crowded. i saw away supporters get chanted down once, probably assuming the chain would be a comfortable choice.

Where is your favorite pre-game celebration and where will you be First Kick 2011?

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