Vegalta Sendai Supporters : We Are All Brothers And Sisters

Sendai, as many of you likely know, was devastated by the massive earthquake that struck just off the shore of Japan on Thursday evening/Friday morning. I'm not entirely sure how to describe the feeling these videos elicit from me; sometimes we are confronted with emotions that aren't especially cut and dried. I'd rather not color the reactions of others either; I just know that what happened in Japan could have very easily happened here, and we should try to connect on any possible level with the people of Japan at this moment. We are all part of the same human family after all. And there's not really any better way for many of us  to connect with the very people most gravely effected-some of whom, it must be said, almost certainly lost their lives-than to celebrate the passion they showed in support of their club. Because while there are certainly more important things in the world, this is something that we can identify with, something that may not be what defines as as a society, but certainly a part of what defines us as people.

リャンダンス!ベガルタ仙台2008/03/20ホーム開幕戦 (via vegaspec74)

ベガルタ仙台応援風景2(VEGALTA SENDAI Supporters in Away game,JAPAN) (via pokotan1972)

ベガルタ仙台応援 (via hogandpig)

ベガルタ仙台 オーラ (via xr145)


VEGALTA SENDAI Supporters in Home game Part4 (via pokotan1972)

Let's all hope that we've got a lot more of this to come.

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