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Quick Injury Update

Just wanted to get this out there. Direct from Matt G.

First things, first, I will answer the most frequently asked question at this stage - Steve Zakuani had an MRI on Thursday that revealed a similar injury to the one Mike Fucito suffered, though Zakuani's is strained to a lesser degree. He and Evans will both be possibilities to play on Tuesday, though their availability will depend on their ability to get into training on Sunday and Monday. Evans did some jogging on the field, then did some fitness work inside while Zakuani did all of his work on the field.

Nate Jaqua continued his progress, but it is unlikely that he will be ready to play against the Galaxy on Tuesday. Nothing has changed about Fucito's timetable at this point - he should be back in 2-5 weeks.

That's a lot of names. No surprises with Fucito, and certainly not Jaqua. But seriously though, I noticed that a number of the guys were wearing the new bright Adidas boots during the Cascadia Summit. I wonder if anyone is looking into the footwear...

Anyways, I will be putting up an in-depth preview of the season later tonight, but first I'm watching the Huskies take it in the Pac-10 final.

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