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MLS First Kick 2011, Seattle Sounders Vs. LA Galaxy: What Are You Wearing?

What are you wearing -- one of the most possibly provocative questions that can be asked on the internet. But we're not interested in the state of your undergarments, thanks. No, we want to know what you're sporting on the day that Seattle demands "Scarves Up!" What Sounders gear are you rocking for First Kick? Or do you have a "Beat LA" sweatshirt?

A fellow Seattle blog, Lookout Landing, welcomes the Mariners back into action every year with a post about what everyone has decided to wear on Opening Day. It can be a hat, scarf, jersey, signed t-shirt, homemade headgear, anything. Photos (appropriate ones, please) are welcomed, but just a quick comment describing how you're supporting the Seattle Sounders will do nicely.

I'll start us off.

Today, I'm rocking the Ossie kit, giving love to my favorite player. I've also got the Sounder at Heart scarf draped around my neck. Last week, it was my "Beat LA" sweatshirt, just to get the trash talk started.

I turn it over to y'all -- what are you wearing, and where are you wearing it to? Are you going to Qwest? Watching at home? Gathered in exile in a foreign city, glad you have just a few Sounders fans around you?

Whatever it is, SCARVES UP, SOUNDERS! The day is finally here.

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