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Open Designated Player Slot Opens Options to Entire World of Players

Alvaro Fernandez was DP #3 for the Sounders. Fredy Montero was the 4th. Who should be the 5th?
Alvaro Fernandez was DP #3 for the Sounders. Fredy Montero was the 4th. Who should be the 5th?

The loss of Blaise Nkufo has a minor benefit. It allows us to dream of greater things, to partake in the fantasy of "rosterbation." Considering the current window closing on 15 April, and that most leagues are in season dreaming of a Free is pointless. Difference makers aren't Free at this time. Difference makers are under contract, but hopefully a short one so the fee would be lower.

In this post is a sampling from the various writers about the type of player they want, by age, role, region of origin. Most commonly mentioned is the need for a Fullback.

Jake put it simply

This team needs fullbacks... although I'm not necessarily saying that's what a DP should be

Other than that, non- Europe and under 28 are qualities to look for

That theme started with my own comment

While I think best fit is more important than anything, I would look to younger players 22-26 who are still hungry to climb the ladder. I would likely stop looking at European players, as the record on these doesn't look very strong. I think any position/role could be appropriate, to include outside backs. Although I don't think a withdrawn forward or left wing is needed. Anywhere else could shift other players around to accommodate the new one.

I still want Tomokai Makino. If forced, I could settle for Forlan...

Kirsten (7500 to Holte and SBN Seattle) continues the theme

I want a younger player, about the same age as Dave, although I might go 21-28. I'd kind of like to see us sticking with Latin America because I think the Sounders provide a good home for those players, teaching them English, learning Spanish themselves. Makes them feel more at home and more connected to the team. And I'd like to concentrate on full backs, particularly left back, as Leo's looking off the pace. James Riley makes me a little crazy but as much as I hate to admit it, if we're looking narrowly, I'd like the left side fixed.

Sidereal goes with a more long form answer

The biggest need of the team is to score goals, so it'd need to be someone who can contribute offensively.  And the position with the weakest depth is fullback, so an offensive-minded fullback would make sense.  Someone on the left would let Zak cut in more, which he likes to do anyway.  Leo doesn't have the recovery speed to do that as often as he used to.  The right to a lesser degree.  I like Riley, but he doesn't contribute a lot offensively.  Is Maicon available?  Keisuke Honda?  After that, forward is the obvious next choice.  Pairing Montero up with a DP-quality forward would push a bunch of guys down the depth chart and we'd see less Fucito, but I'd like to see another player with goal-scoring composure.

I wouldn't do a midfielder (even a CAM), no winger is going to bench Zakuani or Fernandez, our centerbacks are awesome, and I wouldn't DP a keeper, even if it's Hahnemann for next year.

I don't really care much about the country of origin or the age.  I think attitude matters most and that's something that has to be sorted out on a player-by-player basis.  The FO didn't do a good job of evaluating Ljungberg and Nkufo for attitude.  Hopefully they've learned that lesson.  I'd like the club to continue building a cultural affinity with Asia.  It makes sense for our area and it's a largely untapped market compared to Latin America.

The theme continues with Jeremiah (SBN Soccer) fullback or forwards

I'm not going to pretend to know enough about the international talent market to start throwing out names that might be realistic, but I will say that from my perspective the most obvious position to target would be FB, specifically LB. Gonzalez is a fine player, but he's definitely lost a step and getting a really dynamic LB could change a lot in terms of offense and defense. I really don't see any reason to go after a MF at this point. Sure, we could upgrade somewhere, but I'd much rather address a legitimate area of need. We could probably stand to upgrade at forward, and if there's a truly standout target man available, I think we'd be crazy not to at least attempt to get him. I know Robbie Keane isn't really available, but someone of that ilk would certainly represent a significant upgrade over our current options.

Aaron (7500 to Holte) looks to a team he knows well for guidance

I think that the full back position is probably the one spot most in need of upgrade on this roster, but full backs are in very high demand worldwide and I have an inkling that to find one that offers a big enough upgrade over what could be had for less would be cost prohibitive. I could certainly be incorrect and if so then it's definitely a direction worth moving towards. Outside of that, forward is the next most obvious upgrade and I think that given what the Sounders are looking for it's the most likely spot we'll see filled. I don't think that Emile Heskey would be the perfect target for the Sounders given his age and less than favorable reputation, but he's the type of forward the Sounders would do well to find; big, physical, excellent in terms of holding up play, a good target on set pieces and enough of a threat at goal to open up the space in which Fredy Montero can operate most effectively. Heskey is pretty much exactly what I think the Sounders were hoping to get from Nkufo, and if he has a clone somewhere out there it would behoove the Sounders to go out and find him.

Graham (We Ain't Got No History) says it quite simply, if Seattle wants a Target Forward there's a perfect one that may be available soon

Didier Drogba

With a name like that did he need to say more? He did, but let's just keep it simple. He's losing his starting spot soon, and while he could stay in Europe after the summer, if he went to MLS he would be the best player in the league. He fits the old school model of a DP.

There are literally hundreds of names that could fit. Adrian, Chris Henderson and Sigi have their work cut out for them. This is a prime destination in the League. Two of their four DP choices so far haven't worked out in the end.

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