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Using Tools in Projection - How good can they be?

So moving forward with the tools discussion, with games that all of us will watch I figure we should look at the three players the staff here see as likely to contribute but without a ton of playing time in front of the Seattle Sounders faithful in 2010.

While we've seen Mike Fucito, we have mainly seen potential and promise. O'Brian White struggled up in Toronto FC and really is a blank slate for all but the most devout MLS fans. Michael Tetteh is a blank slate to a vast majority of the fans. So while enjoying the games for the Cascadia Summit this weekend also pay particular attention to these guys.

Here's a reminder of the tools

Technical Ability - This encompasses what is done ON-ball. Things like dribbling, passing, man-on-man defense and shooting skills.

Tactical Judgement - This is about awareness of shape of both sides, off-ball runs, zonal defense, passing into runs.

Offensive Skills - How the player's tools translate when the team HAS the ball.

Defensive Skills - How the player's tools translate when the team LACKS the ball.

Physique - Size, Strength, Speed, Stamina are all in this one tool. How a player uses their strengths and minimize their weaknesses here is also important.

Don't just pay attention to what they do, but how they do it. How would you expect them to be performing at the end of the year. After the break is a form you can use to submit your ratings. Are the mistakes major or minor? Or the successes routine or stunning? If a player doesn't see significant time over this weekend, wait until the Community Shield, it takes time to make a proper judgement. I would suggest at least 90 minutes. The form below will be posted after these three webcasts, next Thursday as well.

 After watching players this preseason, here is a form to fill in your thoughts on those three players outlined above - Tetteh, Fucito and White.

If you have particular thoughts on a player talk about it in comments, but the simple quick ratings should be simple enough to do quickly. Remember a 6 is an MLS league average player at that skill.

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