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Notes from Cascadia Summit Day 2

Vancouver Whitecaps and Portland Timbers tied 1-1. Kirsten covered it over at SBN-Seattle.

But there are some other notes from the day's events.

  • Sigi Schmid is a bit concerned about the lack of protection for the offensive four in an interview with Joshua Mayers.
  • From practice it is notable that Bryan Meredith and Josh Ford enter together and leave together, last. Both played in goal during various exercises. Meredith also was at RB during one drill, but purely because someone needed to be there.
  • Steve Zakuani and Blaise Nkufo played a soccer version of pepper. I declare the name of the sport chem as the two spoke in French the whole time.
  • Omar Salgado does not look 17. He's big, and clearly fit on the field. If he can play for the Whitecaps they will be a much better side.
  • Portland's reserves today were just as physical as yesterday. They weren't a bunker and counter side today. More a English long-ball game. I'm tempted to say this is their standard style.
  • Chris Henderson talked to me about building a roster for multiple trophies, including the Supporters Shield. I'll have that Q&A tomorrow morning.
  • Both the Timber's Army and the Southsiders were very welcoming to all Seattle fans today. In the second half they shared the beer garden, which led to an odd moment when the TA sang their traditional 81st minute song and shortly after the Southsiders sang their 86th minute song.
  • Worries about violence are quite overblown. Today was a great day to show league and team officials that they can tone down the worry a ton. We, all three fans/supporters, just want good soccer and amazing experiences - together. Portland, Seattle and Vancouver have so much in common. Ratchet it back.
  • Arlo White is awesome.
  • Seriously, he is just a good man. He's probably blushing. Oh, well.
  • The Southsiders have silver in their scarves. The TA made a quality Cascadia scarf with a native salmon. I want one.
  • There continues to be talk that this event will be more than a one time thing. I'll go every year, no matter where it is held.

Tomorrow the Seattle Sounders face the Whitecaps in what should be a match up of second teamers. Ideally we'll get to see Mauro Rosales.I actually think Seattle's second team is better built for the smaller pitch.

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