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Nos Audietis: The Sounder At Heart Podcast, April 14th 2011 (Featuring Steve Zakuani And Scott Kessler Of The Brotherly Game)

It's that time again, time for a podcast! A Sounders podcast! About Seattle Sounders FC! And this one has Steve Zakuani!

I'll be honest, the audio quality on this one is spotty. Jeremiah and I recorded in the same room and while I think it made things slightly more entertaining it also created some challlenges that we were not necessarily anticipating. So, there's some ghostly echo, a pop here, a crackle there and a few little blips that sound a bit like Star Trek weaponry. Still, we'd like to think it's worth putting up with a few seconds worth of amateurishness to get to the gooey, sweet, podcasty center. In addition to the aforementioned interview with Steve Zakuani, who talks about his love of the game, tactics, and all sorts of other pretty awesome things we have an interview with Scott Kessler of the Brotherly Game, a recap of the win over the Fire and a discussion over whether Eric Hassli or Neymar is the duller knife in the proverbial drawer. Also, more!

Hope you enjoy it, warts and all.

Nos Audietis: Sounder At Heart Podcast: Steve Zakuani Edition (Direct Link)

Intro Music: "Sunshine Pretty Girls" - The Unnatural Helpers (Live @ KEXP)

Ending Music: "Lazy" - Gosprom ("Lazy" Single)

The music you hear at the beginning and end of this podcast is used under an Attribution Non-Commercial ShareAlike 3.0 United States (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0) License. Music provided by FreeMusicArchive.Org


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