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Nos Audietis: The Sounder At Heart Podcast (Featuring Servando Carrasco)

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Just in time for your Friday afternoon, which hopefully involves little more than surreptitiously playing Jumpers for Goalposts, making your viewing plans for this evening's game and staring wistfully out the window, it's a podcast! Today Jeremiah and I talk about last weekend's Union game, this evening's Rapids game, Dave stops by to answer some reader questions and Jeremiah has an interview with Sounders rookie Servando Carrasco.

The audio quality is a lot better this time around and the size of the file itself has been reduced (although not quite as much as we were hoping for. We'll have that ironed out soon.) Also, mono! Glorious, glorious mono. Fred Cole would be proud.



Nos Audietis: Sounder At Heart Podcast: Servando Carrasco Edition (Direct Link)

Intro Music: "Sunshine Pretty Girls" - The Unnatural Helpers (Live @ KEXP)

Ending Music: "Lazy" - Gosprom ("Lazy" Single)

The music you hear at the beginning and end of this podcast is used under an Attribution Non-Commercial ShareAlike 3.0 United States (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0) License. Music provided by FreeMusicArchive.Org