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Help Us Help Steve Helping Others, So We Can All Feel A Bit Better

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It's been a crummy week for MLS players, fans, officials, everybody. But that doesn't mean we have to all feel crummy.

I saw that this little idea was abrewing on the Twitters late last night, where someone suggested a show of support for Steve Zakuani's charity Kingdom Hope. Another fan named Robert recently took to the SounderatHeart FanPosts by further suggesting that Sounders fans take the money that was refunded at last year's LA Galaxy match and put it towards Steve's charity.

Well, if ya'll know me, I love that good-feeling charityness, and I think that this is a swell idea. Plus, it will probably make Steve feel x1,000,000 times better to see this happen. Not to mention that something good could actually come out of this past week of MLS action.

So if you have it in you, at least pay Steve Zakuani's Kingdom Hope webpage a visit.

Pssssst, there's a donation link on the right side.