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Keeping Your Eye On The Ball

If the Sounders were a family and Sigi Schmid was the nice and loving parent, then Brian Schmetzer is the mean and scary one. Like in my personal case, my dad made sure to drill my ass with discipline and hard work every single day, and those silly distractions called emotions are not important. Schmetzer = my dad. Which, weirdly enough, makes Sigi like my mom.

Anyways. From this video from this week's training, you can see that Schmetzer is doing his family duty to keep the boys in check. With all of the distractions going on around the boys this week, it's Schmetzer's job to physically beat the distractions out of them with brutal and unforgiving training. "No, I don't care if Steve is the one who always throws the ball in for this drill, do it again!"

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