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Major Link Soccer - Trying to Feel Positive About Ties Edition

The Sounders played on the road this week against the San Jose Earthquakes. It was a tight game between the two sides this weekend and a 2-2 draw on the road is a positive result for the Seattle Sounders. The team has played some tough teams to start the year, but will need to get some wins soon if they want to stay competitive in the brutal Western Conference. The reserve team was also in action this weekend and picked up a 1-0 win against the San Jose reserves. Rookie Michael Tetteh scored the only goal late in the 2nd half playing at the left-mid position for the Sounders.

Manchester United Ticket Packages: Last week the Sounders organization went against a previously held refusal to open up more seats for MLS matches. Extra seats will be opened for games against the New York Red Bulls and the San Jose Earthquakes as part of a ticket package that includes the upcoming friendly against Manchester United. Sounders VP of Operations Gary Wright discussed the decision in a recent interview with Prost Amerika. The bottom line is the front office wanted to use the packages as a way to gauge demand for opening up more seats without having it muddied by increased demand for a rivalry game between the Cascadia teams.

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NYRB on the Rise: The recent trade of Dwayne De Rosario to the New York Red Bulls was the big news over the weekend in MLS. The trade creates a truly potent attack for the Red Bulls and cements their status as the team to beat. How did Toronto FC lose one of the best Canadian players in MLS? The bottom line is the Toronto FC front office under Mo Johnston broke the relationship when they refused to make De Rosario a designated player. Even if De Rosario had stayed at Toronto FC he wasn't a good fit for the 4-3-3 system being set up by new coach Aron Winter.

Drogba Considering MLS Move: Didier Drogba is being linked again to a move to MLS in the British tabloids. Both the LA Galaxy and the NY Red Bulls are currently tapped on roster space and would need to unload one or more designated players to make room for Drogba. Seattle, Toronto and Chicago could potentially afford Drogba. However, before you get too excited, Drogba has also been linked with a return to his former club Marseille.

Japan Withdraws from Copa America: The devastation in Japan has forced the country to suspend sporting events in order to conserve electricity and focus on reconstruction. The devastation is also impacting foreign games. Japan looks like it will withdraw from July's Copa America competition in Argentina. Japan and Mexico were the two guest teams invited to the South America competition.

Winter Closes Locker Room: Toronto head coach Aron Winter recently sent a letter to the local press informing them of his decision to close his locker room to reporters. It sounded to me like an interesting idea and a way to build up some trust and camaraderie inside a club that desperately needs it. Unfortunately, the policy violates rules set-in place by the MLS. It's also bad timing coming a few weeks into the season and on the heels of trading off their club's best player. Let the bad press continue.

Street Soccer for Social Change: Sounders fans who live in the city are well aware of the homelessness problem affecting the city. It's a problem that has gotten worse as the economy has struggled. Our sister blog over at The Offside has an interesting article on a group that organizes street soccer games for homeless here in Seattle. The effort goes beyond providing entertainment and exercise. Street Soccer Seattle provides a sense of community and connection.

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