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MLS Regional Standings - How Does Cascadia Stack Up?

The Cascadia region is getting a lot of deserved attention for the passion of its fans and the strength of its natural (as opposed to league-manufactured) rivalries. But how are the teams stacking up against other regions in MLS? Let's find out.

Most of the regions are pretty natural. The goal is to keep them around 3 teams (going to 2 or 4 if necessary). If you've got a better way to organize them, feel free to leave it in the comments. My only major question was what to do with Sporting Kansas City. It could have gone with the Texas teams in a Prairie division but I decided to match it up with Colorado and RSL, since those states actually border each other and Texas is weird enough to deserve its own region.

Region Teams Games Points PPG
Heartland Flyover RSL, Colorado, Sporting KC 8 19 2.4
East Coast Media Bias New England, New York, Philadelphia, DC 12 19 1.6
Great Lakes Toronto, Chicago, Columbus 8 12 1.5
California Uber Alles San Jose, Los Angeles, Chivas 10 12 1.2
Cascadia Seattle, Vancouver, Portland 10 7 0.7
Don't Mess With Texas Houston, Dallas 6 3 0.5

Much to the delight, I'm sure, of the MLS head office, the league is currently being dominated by teams in areas without a lot of media cachet. Two of the three landlocked teams are the only teams that have won every league game they've played this season, while Sporting Kansas City is putting up decent results for a team that's on the road for the entire first half of the season (and would be putting up even decenter results if not for a pretty ridiculous fightback by the Whitecaps this weekend).

Cascadia — featuring two expansion teams and the underperforming Seattle Sounders — is hovering near the bottom of the table, but is thankfully propped up by the dual disasters in Texas.

And yes, I'm aware that some (most?) of you believe that the ideal Cascadia results would be Seattle undefeated, Vancouver languishing in bottom-half anonymity, and Portland pointless and left to wander destitute among the grim back alleys of MLS. But that's not good for Cascadia pride.

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