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Seattle's Secret Weapon: We Have Moms

Well this was missed by most people over this past Mother's Day weekend, with all the attention now shifting towards the buildup for Saturday's epic clash against our Cascadia rivals, the Portland Timbers. However, this is too good (and important) not to mention.

I mentioned last week that our team is like a family. With so many rowdy boys in the house, it's always Schmetzer who has to lead the boys by fatherly example. Watch as he handles his own mother's day message with the charm and ease of a truly experienced dad, and then, "Brad, Brad. Put the ball down and come over here. Talk to your mother on the phone and wish her happy mother's day. Say you love her."

Behind every great sports team, is a great mom. Look at the Eagles of the 00's. The most valuable player on the team wasn't the quarterback, it was his mom. Boo-boo on your elbow? There's a band-aid for that. Hungry in between halves? Eat some oranges. Or chili. The refs calls not going your way? Mama's got that situation covered.

Anyways, point is, team moms are the driving force behind every great sports success, because they do everything in their power to ensure that their team comes out on top. The Sounders know this. So it wasn't just the Sounders PR team's idea to do a seemingly innocent Mother's Day message. It was a not-so-secret prayer, to all the soccer moms of Seattle (by the way, we have the best soccer moms in the country) as part of a plan hatched by the coaching staff. So that we can access and harness the combined power and energy of every single mom, and use it to give us extra powers. Like superhuman speed, and the ability to calm upset tummies.

And it will help us defeat the Timbers on Saturday.

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