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#ThoughtsFromMyYacht Shows, Yes, Seattle Sounders Fans Can Laugh At Ourselves

See, the Sounders and Timbers can play nice. (Photo by Sounders FC)
See, the Sounders and Timbers can play nice. (Photo by Sounders FC)

As you may have heard by now, the Wall Street Journal took a ... how do we put this? ... interesting story about our little soccer rivalry we have brewing here in the Pacific Northwest. I really want to believe that it's a genius piece of satire. But something tells me I'm giving the author too much credit. More likely, it's simply doing what national journalists tend to do when they are writing about local stories: they find the most extreme and ridiculous examples of whatever they want to write about and focus on those elements.

To be fair, I don't doubt that these views really exist. In fact, I've been reading plenty of them all over Twitter this week. For all the ridiculous quotes, none of them was more ridiculous than this one:

"In Seattle they have Republicans," said Heather Mathews, a graduate student at Lewis and Clark, who imagines Seattle fans spend most of their free time "sailing around in their sailboats."

Inspired by that quote, one of our favorite Twitterers (spellcheck didn't flag it, so I guess it's a word) LikkitP started the hashtag #ThoughtsFromMyYacht. Utilizing what I think is a pretty cool social-media tool, Storify, I compiled some of the best Tweets after the jump. It should come as little surprise that LikkitP appears regularly.

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