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Seattle Sounders May Get O'Brian White Back Sooner Than We Thought

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Seattle Sounders coach Sigi Schmid gave an O'Brian White update today and actually had relatively good news. Initially, we were told that White would be out until they could get him off blood-thinners and that they needed to figure out what caused his blood clot before doing anything else. While it's still not clear if that has been entirely resolved, Schmid seemed to indicate White's return was more a matter of him regaining his strength, according to today's report from Joshua Mayers:

"He's still dealing with the effects of the surgery as much as anything. For them to get in there and remove the blood clot, it's meant that his motion in that leg has had to remain a little bit still so that you don't have complications. Once that's over, once he's recovered from that and the vein's OK, then our expectation is actually at that point that his recovery should go reasonably quickly -- meaning there shouldn't be any more setbacks from there on out. It's not like it would be like a four-month recovery."

Considering we were starting to think that White could be out for the season, this has to qualify as good news. Nate Jaqua, who has received the bulk of White's playing time, still has not registered a point this season and there are no other real target-forward types on the roster. Getting White back, even in a month or two, could be huge.

In other injury news, Schmid had this to say: "Mauro [Rosales] trained today so he was all right. It’s still always day-to-day in terms of making sure that he’s OK but right now he looks good. [Erik] Friberg trained today. He was all in so he was OK. Brad [Evans] was closer today but I don’t know if it’s going to be close enough."

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