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ESPN FC Manager MLS Segment Two Begins Tomorrow

ESPN's Major League Soccer fantasy league is broken into segments, and the first of those is over. Your rosters in our league are BLANK. Go adjust them, but not until you read the rest of this post. Because there are some things that segment one should have taught you, and some traps that segment two has for you. There's also an update on how the readers of this fair site have compared to the rest of ESPN FC Manager's MLS competition.


  • Your Captain should always have a double
  • Use transfers to accent doubles
  • Don't hang onto a favorite player
  • If health is in doubt use a formation that will auto sub

Segment Two Traps

  • Gold Cup Rosters
  • Copa America Rosters
  • Injury returns - some segment one players will lose time
  • Silly friendlies could lead to injuries
  • CCL and Open Cup will effect time
  • Transfers will effect playing time late in segment

San Diego Zoo FC won segment one with 635 total points just edging out Leggy Mountbatten with 627. Both were at 100%, and SDZ FC was good for 10th in the world at the competition. That isn't it for reader highlights though. In the Mensa range (that's top 2%) were 16 members of our group, within the top 10% a whopping 53, and within the top 50% were 165 of the 209 that played in Segment one. Which reminds me, more can join the largest private group at ESPN, and they'd be eligible for segment two and three prizes. San Diego Zoo FC will need to contact me for one.

Group Name: Sounder at Heart Readers
Password: in somniis

How smart are the readers? This comment is from the message board at ESPN

When picking new rosters, check how many games the player has this segment. Some teams like Colorado, Sporks, and NYRB have 13 matches, while Chicago only has 10. Sounders have 12. That's not an exhaustive list, but just the ones I noticed.

How dumb is your host? He stuck with his favorite player, who didn't really play in that segment. Here's to hoping for more Mike Fucito time during the summer. It was good for 86% overall and 71st in our group. SBN's soccer managers had a group, where Jeremiah was good for 5th to my 8th.

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