Where has all the speed gone?

I’d like to consider myself fan of the game and have enough knowledge to recognize good play from poor. I’d like to be able to voice an opinion without my love for the team or game being questioned. Soccer is my first love. With 30 years of playing and watching, I’d hope that I have some credibility when it comes to the game.

I just read a blog post on that I found interesting. Even more interesting were the comments. I got lost in the post due to its length, but I think I understand the point the writer was trying to make. I don’t know if I completely disagree with his assessment. The Sounders have played uninspiring soccer for the better part of this season.

We are all paying to see professional soccer and it is disappointing if this is the best product that the Sounders can give us.

To me, the Sounders have been playing uninspiring soccer for the better part of this season. We went thru droughts last year, but it was not this boring to watch. The speed of Nyassi and Zakuani kept it interesting. At any given time Nyassi would run the line and put a ball in the mix. Zakuani was on the other side doing the same. We lacked finishing last year, but the defenses were beat and the crosses were made. This made the game exciting to watch.

This season is dramatically different. Yes, Nyassi is gone. Yes, Zakuani is out. Fucito showed us flashes of speed, but where are the players that can take the ball to the corners and put the ball across the goal? I have seen Riley and Gonzalez make overlapping runs and attempt to do this, but they lack the speed and ball handling skill to beat a player to the corner and make the cross.

I miss the speed. Where are the players we know have the quickness to make those sideline runs? Where is Tehteh? Where is Montano? Where is Estrada? Yes they are young, but it is hard for me to believe that Levesque is our best hope.

There are other things that have bothered me this year with the Sounders, but for now…

…That’s all I got…

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