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Seattle Sounders Mike Fucito Answers Fitness Question With Back-To-Back Starts

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In 2010 Mike Fucito had good performances, and four goals, primarily in non-League play. His starts were in the CONCACAF Champions League. He was on the pitch for 342 minutes, 3 starts, 6 subs on during that season which was highlighted with a goal against Kansas City. Within the last 10 days Fucito has taken the pitch as a sub once, a starter twice and helped the team to 6 points in 3 played. In his two starts he faced George John and Jamison Olave who both could be on the short list of the best centerbacks in the league. He has 7 shots, 3 of those on goal, and created the opportunity which forced Olave to foul or give up a one-on-one with the keeper. His 181 minutes in three games in eight days show that fitness questions are answered.

The quality of play against FC Dallas was solid with a few blocks by defenders preventing his first goal of the 2011 season. Against Real Salt Lake he continued to show that size isn't everything, but how you use those skills and attributes you have can change games as well. After practice Fucito talked about facing two large CBs, winning games and whether he needs to score goals to contribute.

DC: Back to back starts after not starting in MLS play how do you feel about that?

Mike Fucito: It feels good. I've been working pretty hard the last couple years. It feels good to finally be rewarded. Now I just have to start banging goals.

DC: You had two games that don't really show in the box score, but people to people who follow the game you certainly contributed to the result. How do you feel about that? You are a forward. You're supposed to score, but at the same point the results happened.

Fucito: If I don't score and the team wins every game I'll be even happier. But I feel that one of the ways I can help this team is by scoring, and making defenses work and scare them.

DC: You went up against two strong centerbacks in the past week, what do you think the league's learned about Mike Fucito that they might not have known?

Fucito: I'm not the tallest guy, but I think I showed that I can hold some of those bigger guys off. Olave is enormous, a big strong body, very athletic so that was a battle. So I think I can cause those big guys some problems even though I may not have the size that some other guys have.

DC: When he pulled you down, did you think you were free?

Fucito: He fouled me pretty good because I've never dove in my life. He yanked me pretty hard from behind, but I definitely saw the goal and was ready to fire away.

DC: So what's the next step for you, for the team?

Fucito: Keep working hard, working on finishing in practice and continue to refine little things, and hopefully those translate to goals and wins

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