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'Date With A Sounder': Love It Or Hate It, At Least They Are Having Fun

Apparently there's a rumor going around that the Seattle Sounders are purposefully trying to limit ticket sales. Well, I wasn't really putting much stock in it anyway, but their latest marketing campaign, which features billboards all over the city and commercials on real, live television, seems to put any doubts to rest as far as that goes. The thrust of those commercials and billboards, in case you missed it, is the "Date with a Sounder" theme.

In case it's not totally obvious, the spots are a send up of a video dating service. There are videos featuring Roger Levesque (above), Jeff Parke, Mike Fucito, Leo Gonzalez, James Riley and Brad Evans. You can see all of them at the Sounders' Facebook page. The Levesque and Parke ones, in particular, are awesome. The spots were created by Wexley School for Girls, a local marketing firm.

Obviously, the "Date with a Sounder" is a reference to watching them play, not actually inviting you to try to date them, although I am wondering about Levesque since he seems to know all the key words ("thirty but flirty?"). As far as I'm concerned, anything that makes the players and team more accessible is a positive. Give them a watch. If nothing else, you'll get to know a new side of some of your favorite players.

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