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Seattle Sounders Vs. Vancouver Whitecaps: Well, It Was Exciting Wasn't It?

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To be quite honest, I did not actually watch last night's game. I listened to the radio play-by-play -- unfortunately not with the soothing sounds of Arlo White's voice -- and then watched the highlights. So take my opinion's of the Seattle Sounders 2-2 Cascadia Cup tie against the Vancouver Whitecaps with that caveat.

But from what I can tell, 81 minutes of highly frustrating soccer was followed by four exhilarating minutes on goals from Mauro Rosales and Osvaldo Alonso and immediately ruined by a minute of utter soccer cruelty. Eric Hassli's 85th minute strike was truly something to behold, but that does not make the way it stole two points away from the Sounders any less brutal.

I'm honestly not quite sure what to make of this match in a broader perspective. Judging from the reactions on the interwebs, people are experiencing some pretty serious frustrations, which I definitely get. I guess my vantage points colors my perspective, but 80 minutes in I would have been perfectly happy with a tie. That the Sounders ended up scoring two goals and actually were in a position to win? That's pretty awesome.

I know it's frustrating to be sitting on two points after two home matches against Cascadia Cup rivals. Dropping two points to the worst team in the league and coming away with ties in back-to-back weeks against league bottom dwellers is obviously very bad.

Still, we avoided disaster and with the league playing out like it is right now, let's at least consider that.

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