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ECS, Seattle Sounders Are A Jeopardy Answer

Just in case our opinions of ourselves need a little more inflating, the Seattle Sounders and ECS made their jeopardy debut on Friday. The supporters group and the team were an answer in the "For The Home Team" category, which forced host Alex Trebek to speak both their names. Here's the video (H/T @chamberiECS):

News of this appearance has spawned some pretty hilarious tweets, too. Predictably, but hilariously, many of them have focused on the meme that Sounders fans are self-obsessed and full of themselves (which we all know couldn't be further from the truth...)

In all seriousness, it's pretty awesome that soccer in Seattle has gotten to the point where of all the teams they chose to associate with the city that it was the Sounders.

Also of a somewhat minor, but cool, note is the SB Nation Baltimore Orioles site Camden Chat was apparently used as another one of the answers in the same category.

For a collection of the some of the funnier responses check out the jump:

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