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US Open Cup Pickem Standings After Round 2

Round 2 results were delayed a day thanks to a lightning storm in Madison which forced the Chicago Fire PDL team and the Madison 56ers to replay their match this afternoon. The Fire win continues the trend this tournament of a lack of upsets. The only team that can plausibly claim to have beaten a team in the higher division is USASA's New York Pancyprian Freedoms, who beat the NPSL's Brooklyn Italians in round one. But that assumes that the NPSL is really a level above USASA, which is arguable. And the Pancyprian Freedom's special history with the Cup (they won it 3 times) makes that a questionable upset. Otherwise it's been all chalk.

Remarkably, every one of our Pickem entrants has at least one team still competing in the tournament, so everyone has someone to root for. And only two entrants have as few as one team remaining, including some idiot named Sidereal (who was obviously hoping for more from the underdogs). Those entrants who relied on a big stable of lower division teams to build up early points (including current leaders bmvaughn, yuniform, and Little old me) will be hoping that this tournament's aversion to upsets ends in the next round. Otherwise their scoring will come to an end and you might see chasers who are also carrying some MLS teams (like TGos, Dylema, and quacker) move into the lead. The full table is after the jump.

Player Points Teams Left
bmvaughn 13 5
Little old me 11 5
yuniform 11 4
wannascribble 9 4
Cornchops 9 4
TGos 9 4
AVUrlacher 9 4
Dylema 8 5
quacker 8 4
Jeff "Minnows" Kusowski 8 2
Dizzo 7 4
Oshan 7 4
agtk 6 4
element1151 6 4
Timm 6 4
lefthand 6 4
Daniel Casey 6 3
Colin Johnson 6 3
Dave C 5 3
Reo Tsuchiya 5 3
ryan healy 5 3
Garrincha 5 2
Jelky 4 4
Colin MacLeod 4 3
Orothar 4 3
Shooter 4 2
asteroidblues 3 3
Sam in P-Town 3 3
swingman 3 2
Squared23 3 1
Sidereal 3 1
JWAY 2 3
Kalani 1 2

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