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Did I mention I love summer, if not only because of all the soccer?

At 6PM today, you're going to want to sit your butt down in front of a TV or computer screen (There will also be an official viewing party at the Atlantic Crossing) I think this is one of the most intriguing USA v. Mexico finals we've seen yet.

On the one hand, we've got a player coming back from the dead, saying "Hey guys, I can still be great!", on the other hand we are watching the unhindered meteoric rise of God's gift to Mexico. Both are extremely humble, gifted with talent, and ridiculously young. This final will be a chance for one, or both, of them to continue stepping in the path towards legendary status.

These kinds of games have a history of getting ugly. But I'm hopeful we might see some exciting soccer.

Besides, there's a Confed. Cup berth on the line, the Gold Cup itself, and pride. Let's go Yanks.

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