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US Open Cup: Seattle Sounders v Kitsap Pumas - Gamethread

Seattle Sounders v Kitsap Pumas Lineup Card - Click for bigger!
Seattle Sounders v Kitsap Pumas Lineup Card - Click for bigger!

The Kalateen Derby is not just about who cares the most about soccer, but a David (Kitsap Pumas) v Goliath (Seattle Sounders) in the national championship - the US Open Cup. This tournament has everything that fascinates America in the NCAA basketball tournament, but is played on the fields with 11-a-side. The two sides scrimmaged in 2009 and 2010 with many shared players now. Sounders likely to play tonight have scored 6 goals in those matches with Roger Levesque netting 3 while Mike Fucito, David Estrada and Taylor Graham each had one.

When a side is a huge favorite (home sides are plus 0.64 goals per game in last two US Open Cups) the key is for them to be exactly who they are. In this case the Sounders Reserves are a team that is dominating the Reserve League with a 6-0-0 record and +7 Goal Differential. Not only that, but MLS v PDL over history isn't David v Goliath, it is Goliath versus those other guys whose names you don't know. The Sounders weekly press release says "MLS teams are 13-2-2 (1-1 in penalties) with a goal differential of" +36. It is actually hard to take glory in this kind of match-up. The win is the clearly the expectation, and a loss would be crushing. Ideally this is a match where the Sounders get their scoring confidence back and advance to host some LA side on their way to winning the US Open Cup a third straight year.

The game is on at 7:00 PM

Match Day Prep: Three Questions | Lineup Card

Tactical Keys

  • Precision Passing
  • Utilize superior talents
  • Stop the Counter

Player Matchups

  • Mike Fucito v Bryan Meredith
  • Nate Jaqua v centerbacks
  • Taylor Graham v Tye Perdido


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