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Nos Audietis, Episode 9: Featuring Tweed Thornton, Zach Woosley And Some Big News

Nos_audietis_05_mediumLast week was a pretty big and very up-and-down the Sounders, but it ended on the highest of possible notes. After a disappointing loss at home to FC Dallas, Seattle went into Rio Tinto and ended RSL's two-year-old, 29 game home winning streak in MLS play. The win came as a surprise (and an exceedingly pleasant one) to most of us, but it certainly wasn't without its downside. We'll talk about the need to win ugly at times, whether doing so is really a sustainable path to success and contrast the disappointment with the way this season has gone over its first third to the beginning of last season.

With the Sounders off to Chicago tomorrow, we invited Tweed Thornton of SB Nation's Chicago Fire blog Hot Time In Old Town to drop in and give us his thoughts on the team and I can say with absolute certainty that it was not a mistake. We both learned a whole lot about the Fire's coaching situation, attendance situation and a whole lot more. Tweed is an awesome guy and it was an absolute pleasure to have him on.

We also welcome Zach Woosley - AKA the Ginge - to this week's show. Zach is the manager of SB Nation's Houston Dynamo blog Dynamo Theory, a contributor to SB Nation soccer and author of Ginge Talks the Footy. As many of you may know, he's also one of the main folks in charge of CSRN, home of Around the League, Winning Ugly Radio, the American Soccer Show and many other fantastic podcasts that you should be (and in many cases most likely are) listening to. Well, we're pleased to announce that Nos Audietis has joined CSRN, which is a big step for us and something we're really excited about.

Zach talks about what CSRN is and what it means for Nos Audietis. In short, not a lot will change and what does change will be almost exclusively for the better. You'll still be able to get Nos Audietis here, at Podbean, on iTunes and on the RSS, but you'll also be able to get it through CSRN. The folks at CSRN know what they're doing and can offer us a lot of tips, tricks and advice that should in turn make for a better podcast for you all to listen to. On a personal note, being affiliated with CSRN is a huge honor (I like to think of it as Sub Pop before they spent all of the money they made from "Bleach" on signing beardy dad-rock bands) and we're humbled to be included in such esteemed company. We'd like to thank you, Sounder At Heart readers, for all of the feedback that made us getting to this point possible.

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