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Cascadia Cup - Vancouver Whitecaps The Other Team

Southsiders celebrate Cascadia Cup 2008 at Starfire - photo courtesy Susan Harris
Southsiders celebrate Cascadia Cup 2008 at Starfire - photo courtesy Susan Harris

The other team in the Cascadia Cup rivalry is often overlooked. The Vancouver Whitecaps fans are just hard to hate. The Southsiders in their brief MLS history have conflicted with their front-office over seemingly small things, like who gets to travel here this weekend. In the USL/A-League era they, like Seattle, had a small but dedicated group. Similar to the rivalry between the United States and Canada (tonight at 5PM), this is one of those "friendly rivalries" without vitrial, and with one team that has been better than the other.

But that photo is plenty of reason to get up for this match. The last three way contest of the Cascadia Cup was won by the Whitecaps on Seattle soil. In fact it was won at Starfire here the Reserve sides meet tonight at 7PM. #VancouverWeek will have 3 total faceoffs between teams you love and teams from the Great White North. For the club game, Saturday will be the last chance for the Sounders to get points in the Cascadia Cup at home.

And, whether there will be a half acre tifo or nor, these are still rivals. For all the decades of dominance that Seattle has had over the Portland Timbers, Vancouver can come close to claiming that over the Sounders. While it may not be to that extent, the fact is that if we claim our history, they get theirs. The Southsiders will not be able to earn the Cup at Qwest, but if they get their second win of the year it would likely end the Rave Green's chances at this trophy.

If you can't get up for a game against a rival like this because you can't hate them, can you get up for it because Trophies Matter? Can you get up to show the 500 an experience that they will never encounter again?

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