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Seattle Sounders Extend Pat Noonan's Contract To End Of Season

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Looks like Pat Noonan will be sticking around for a bit longer. The Seattle Sounders announced they had extended Noonan's contract through the end of the season.

In all likelihood, he is coming back to the team on a reduced salary, probably something along the lines of $70,000 a year. Assuming that number is accurate, his salary cap hit for the rest of the season is likely about $25,000. It would seem highly unlikely that Noonan would be brought back at a figure that would hamper the team's ability to make further signings during the summer transfer window.

Noonan has played just 21 minutes for the Sounders after spending most of the season recovering from a variety of injuries. In fact, injuries have limited him to just 13 appearances with the Sounders and 49 appearances since 2007, when he scored seven goals and had four assists for the Columbus Crew.

For all his detractors, Noonan is one of the few veterans on this team and has shown flashes of being an effective player when utilized in the proper way. He is obviously not fit to be a forward, but has an eye for passing lanes and could be an effective depth player, especially in non-MLS competition.

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