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LA Galaxy Vs. Seattle Sounders, Matchcard: Projected Starting Lineups, Statistics, Broadcast Info

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galaxy-sounders 0704
galaxy-sounders 0704

With the Seattle Sounders on their best form of the season and being as healthy as they've been all year, you would think that projecting the starting lineup would be getting easier. And it is. But there are still a few questions heading into Monday's game against the Los Angeles Galaxy.

The biggest is who starts as the center midfielder next to Osvaldo Alonso? We're going with Brad Evans, partly because we know Sigi really loves his game. We wouldn't be shocked, or even disappointed, to see Erik Friberg run out there this week, as he appears to have recovered from whatever's been ailing him.

As for the Galaxy, their lineup and formation was provided by Josie Becker of LAG Confidential, SB Nation's newest MLS blog. With David Beckham looking to be a scratch, either because of an injury or rumors that Posh is due to give birth that day, a formation change seems likely. Becker thinks that means Landon Donovan slides into the top of a diamond formation. It also looks like Chris Birchall and Mike Magee will get the starts as the wide midfielders.

The other rather large question for the Galaxy is who's in goal? Well, Brian Perk will most definitely make his first MLS start, but who would be backing him up is an entirely open question. Could Magee really reprise his role if something were to happen to Perk? Who knows, but let's hope we find out.

PDF version:  Galaxy-Sounders 0704