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Seattle Sounders At Portland Timbers Cascadia Cup Round 3 - Gamethread

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... except when they visit Oregon, as hundreds are doing today to see the Seattle Sounders take on the Portland Timbers at JELD-WEN Field.
... except when they visit Oregon, as hundreds are doing today to see the Seattle Sounders take on the Portland Timbers at JELD-WEN Field.

No trophy is on the line today - merely pride. For one participant in Round 3 of the Cascadia Cup 2011 pride is nearly all they have left as the Portland Timbers season is in shambles. For the Seattle Sounders though this is a game where a statement can be delivered. While the national media will focus on the intense passion in the stands, including a "creative" tifo display that is admittedly going to be small that tends to ignore that Seattle has played in passionate stadiums in the past. Though not rivalry matches the 2009 match at Toronto started off with passion and at half-time they left, in 2010 the Sounders took trips to San Salvador, San Pedro Sula, San Jose and Monterrey. Those matches featured international crowds, in poor stadiums with horrendous travel. There will be more hatred today, but it is not new. The history is clearly on Seattle's side.

Due to the emotions in the stands, the play tends to be a rougher, sloppier and less technial. While Portland's only offense comes from set-pieces (9 goals for) they are horrid in run-of-play (-14 GD). Seattle is merely average (+2 GD) in run-of-play, but a strong side both offensively and defensively from dead ball situations (+6 GD). If this is going to be a game of start & stop, tit could be a push. If Portland can control the pace by preventing build-up play and patiently waiting for their one special moment and ride the emotions they have a chance, but only a chance. Because if build-up, open crosses and run-of-play happens today there is one team that will win, the team of Eternal Green and Forever Blue who will be providing the sunshine with the kits on their back.

The game is on ESPN and 97.3 FM at 1 PM

Match Day Prep: Three Questions | Lineup Card | SBN Seattle Preview | Set-play work
Opposing Looks at Stumptown Footy

Tactical Keys

  • Win Set-play battle
  • Counter Defense
  • Don't Foul Cheaply in Threatening Areas
  • Montero Roams to History

Player Matchups

  • Tyson Wahl v Darlington Nagbe
  • Fredy Montero v Brunner/Danso
  • Osvaldo Alonso v Chara/Jewsbury



Traditional Goals Assists Save % GAA
Timbers Jewsbury (4) Jewsbury (6) Perkins (65%) Perkins (1.64)
Sounders Evans, Fernandez (4) Montero, Rosales (4) Keller (76%) Keller (0.90)
Additional PP90 Set-Play | Run Team Shot +/-  90 Team ShOG +/- 90
Timbers Jewsbury (0.86) GD + 6 | -14 -0.69 -1.19
Sounders Evans (0.79) GD + 6 | +2 1.80 0.55


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Kit: Electricy Yellow ‘10
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