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Seattle Sounders Down Portland Timbers 3-2 In Cascadia Cup Match

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Seattle Sounders at Portland Timbers Chart - Another win with pretty curves
Seattle Sounders at Portland Timbers Chart - Another win with pretty curves

For all the talk of soccer gods, particularly after the United States women today, more often than not the better team wins. They don't win because of passion. They don't win because of fan support. They win because they are more talented, more technical, better coached. Today the Seattle Sounders were all of that when they went down to the Glass House of the Portland Timbers.

The Sounders were the stronger side in run of play by far, with both of Portland's goals coming against it on rapid counters and needing deflections to wind up in the net. On national television Fredy Montero showed that he is clearly among the best in the League and only Troy Perkins having a better than usual match kept him from a hat-trick. The young Colombian finished with only two goals on the day, but it could have been more.

Lamar Neagle, a Sounder for life, earned the third goal for Seattle on a clear and easily called penalty. Osvaldo Alonso, who has badger's blood running through his veins slotted the goal from the spot. His dominance in midfield was clear and decisive. While Kasey Keller got named to the MLS All-Star First XI, the team will not be complete without the Cuban on the squad.

It was not all rave and electricity today though. Jhon Kennedy Hurtado went down with a knee injury, and the only hope is that it was minor. Walking off the field with adrenaline does not mean he is clear, only the MRI today or tomorrow will indicate that. Alvaro Fernandez also suffered an injury, though much less significant. Both times the Portland Timbers attacked extensively, but in the end the class went to Seattle.

Celebrate this. Seattle 3 - Portland 2. The Cascadia Cup (5 points in 3 played) is purely in Seattle's control now. While the season and Supporters Shield is clearly within reach. The 1.67 PPM with a top four offense and defense rivals RSL, the Galaxy and FC Dallas.

Fredy Montero is a Golden God. Osvaldo Alonso is the Honey Badger. And Seattle is only going to get better in the second half.