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Crossing The Line - The Brian Mullan Test

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By now we all know that Brian Mullan broke Steve Zakuani's leg. We also know that he served a very long suspension, and that Zakuani is not focused on Mullan, but instead on getting healthy, fit and playing again. It is clear that Steve is a good man. And maybe better than us.

Mullan's unlikely appearance in Seattle (Coach Smith may not bring him) offers us a test of what it means to be a fan. Some people are already failing this test. There is a line that seems rather simple in sports. It is the line where we hover around hate, and yet make the game about joy. It is a line that was not significantly crossed in the Cascadia Cup matches.

It is a line a few people are crossing about Mullan though. Hating on a rival team or individual can be fun. Asking for their death, dismemberment or serious injury does not mean you are a fan. These are not jokes. They aren't funny.

That behavior will not be tolerated here. You will be banned. This is your warning.

Sports are here for enjoyment, for thrill, for our fun and a distraction from a much more serious life that we live. We're going to keep it that way in our little corner.