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Nos Audietis, Episode 15: US Open Cup Quarterfinal Special Edition

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Yes, the Sounders played the Timbers this past weekend and they have another huge game coming up on Saturday against the Colorado Rapids. Believe me, we'll get around to talking about both (but more about the Timbers because in case you weren't aware the, Sounders won and it was awesome.) But we won't be getting around it on this show; today it's all about the US Open Cup. Specifically, it's about tonight's game against the LA Galaxy at Starfire.

This is a short podcast by our standards, but we still spent more time on it than Hans Backe did preparing for the New York Red Bulls quarterfinal match against the Chicago Fire. When this was recorded two of last night's three games were still in progress, but now that we know that FC Dallas and the Richmond Kickers will be joining the Fire and the winner of this match in the semifinals, tonight's game game is just that little bit more interesting.

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