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Seattle Sounders Vs. LA Galaxy, U.S. Open Cup Matchcard: Projected Lineups

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sounders-galaxy 0714
sounders-galaxy 0714

First off, let me apologize for the scaled down version of today's matchcard. Life got the better of me and I didn't have time to track down all the relevant stats or try to figure out who the Galaxy would bother putting on their roster.

Bruce Arena is claiming that both Landon Donovan and David Beckham could be available for tonight's U.S. Open Cup quarterfinal, which would actually be pretty cool, but I'll believe one or both are starting when I actually see it. Until then, I'll continue to believe that Arena doesn't place a whole lot of value in anything that doesn't involve an MLS trophy. The lineup we have for the Galaxy was provided by LAG Confidential, and it was well before Arena made his comments about Beckham and Donovan's availability.

Dave and I went back and forth over this lineup and settled on one that will be different from their normal starters, but still feature plenty of experience. I honestly think this lineup would have a chance to win no matter who Arena throws out. We think Brad Evans will get a run as a right midfielder and that Nate Jaqua will start up top alongside Fredy Montero. We also think Osvaldo Alonso will get the start alongside Servando Carrasco in what will essentially be a return to the so-called bucket.

Don't forget, we'll have a gamethread and the game will be broadcast on A win means the Sounders will get to host the Open Cup semifinal against FC Dallas.