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Nos Audietis, Episode 16: Brian Schmetzer Interview And A Very Special, Very Furry Guest

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Last week was as good as any the Sounders have had in quite some time; a huge come from behind (twice!) win against the Timbers and a dominant win over a fairly strong LA Galaxy side in the US Open Cup quarterfinals have people buzzing, and being massive Pollyannas we're no different.

Today we spend a good deal of time talking about that win over the Timbers and we also spend some time on the impressive USOC win over the Galaxy, the #ClassyMullanHate meme and about the Colorado Rapids. Mainly how unpleasant they are.

Jeremiah also has a great interview with Brian Schmetzer in which he discusses the evolution of the Sounders-Timbers rivalry and we have a very special surprise guest with some ruminations on all manner of current events in Soundersville. (And just a heads up, our very special surprise guest uses some language that you might not be used to hearing on the show. You've had your warning.)

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