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Prince Tagoe And Chasing The Third DP

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With the Seattle Sounders being connected to several global talents who are signing deals with other teams around the world, that list of 8 seems likely to be shrinking. Prince Tagoe, and probably others, is still being sought by teams not named the Sounders, and possibly still Adrian Hanauer.

German Bundesliga side TSG Hoffenheim have rejected a 500,000 euro bid from an unnamed Turkish side for Ghana striker Prince Tagoe.

Team manager Ernst Tanner says the amount does not meet the expectation of the club.

With the previous rejected bid of 1Million Euro from Partizan Belgrade it would seem like that initial report of 200K US$ per week contract is absurd. Transfers just tend not to work that way. The fee is almost always larger than the contract. When the transfer fee is between $1 million and $2 million his contact would likely be in the Alvaro Fernandez range, or about $200,000 for the remainder of the season.

But with previous associated names like Djibril Cisse now being attached to clubs (his transfer to Lazio is done) for the next European season, the list of names likely starts to shrink. As Jeremiah said earlier this week, it isn't time to panic. Whoever Hanauer was involved with that signed somewhere else is as much about the player thinking they weren't a fit as Seattle thinking the same.

All week Hanauer has been clear that they are looking to shift the club, both adding and subtracting in order to get better. The number of people moving is likely to be small as the club is clearly clicking and performing at its best potential. But that third DP has to be the proper fit not just contractually but within the vision that Seattle has to compete and win in every competition it enters. That may take time to find, and is certainly better than an improper rush to sign due to timing.