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Seattle Sounders v Colorado Rapids - Gamethread

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There's a cliché in sports that to be the best you have to beat the best. While the Colorado Rapids are not the best, they are the MLS Cup holders. Like the Seattle Sounders they will be in the CONCACAF Champions League, unlike the Sounders they will not be in the running for the Supporters Shield. The Rapids may not have the talent to compete through a season, but they are as good as last year, if not better, and they demonstrated that they can go on a short streak of wins. When a team is capable of winning any given match, it is a game when their motivation is up they can win.

Like all visitors to CenturyLink Field they will be motivated. Seattle though has plenty of motivation of their own, as well as a streaky little striker called Fredy Montero. In the last match between these two sides the key note was that Steve Zakuani suffered his broken leg due to the brutal challenge. Often overlooked is that the Sounders though a man up did not play very well. This isn't their chance for revenge on Mullan, that would be short-sided, but a chance to clearly demonstrate that this Seattle side lead great performance up the spine is one of the very best in MLS. Oh, and not to forget, Seattle gets to play a match on temporary grass - almost certainly in the rain. Hooray lack of drainage?

The game is on Fox Soccer and 97.3 FM at 1PM

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Tactical Keys

  • Kick and Run in the Mud
  • Prevent Entry Passes to Casey
  • Strong Communication Between Ianni & Parke
  • Use Subs Early to Increase Effectiveness/Energy

Player Matchups

  • Fredy Montero v Matt Pickens
  • Osvaldo Alonso v Omar Cummings
  • James Riley v Sanna Nyassi


Traditional Goals Assists Save % GAA
Rapids Casey (6) Smith (3) Pickens (67%) Pickens (1.15)
Sounders Montero (5) Rosales (5) Keller (75%) Keller (0.95)
Additional PP90 Set-Play | Run Team Shot +/-  90 Team ShOG +/- 90
Rapids Casey (1.52) GD +3 | -5 -0.50 0.35
Sounders Evans (0.93) GD +7 | +3 1.86 0.71


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