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3 Goals Conceded Mean Sounders Haven't Hit Ceiling

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Fans were chanting Steve Zakuani's name in the final bit of #ClassyMullanHate and in a show of support for the team's 4-3 win over the C.Rapids.

But first, let me toot my horn.

That's 11 games now unbeaten. It's also 11 goals in the final 15 minutes of games. I don't follow the M's, but last I heard the Sounders have outscored them 14-9 now in the last 6 games. That means the Mariner';s have to score 6 runs to prove that soccer is boring.

But all stats aside, I like this result, but only because it wasn't perfect. The game was tied up for most of the second half until two rapid fire goals (c wut i did thar?) from our South American connection iced the Colorado waters. "We Love You Fredy, We Do!" Montero finished with a dream of a diving header from a brave chance created by Brad Evans, and Mauro Rosales rubbed salt directly into the eyes of Matt Pickens with his "don't mind if I do" goal.

That's four goals, and another one for Fredy, who is showing he's quickly warming up and getting that scoring touch.

The one bad thing was that the Sounders did concede 3 goals, including one late in the game. If this was against a competitive and hungry team (like LA), that late goal scored by Caleb Folan would have put them right back in it. But we got lucky today, cause you know, it was only Colorado.

However, that does mean that the Sounders still need to improve. The ability to shut the door on opposition offense is something we seem to have traded in exchange for free-flowing open field play and goals. I'm not sure if it's something Sigi has consciously sacrificed (did he strike a devil's deal with Garber?), but I'm not convinced it has to be mutually exclusive. We can score goals AND have shutouts. It's just that until we get to that point, that pinnacle, then we still have room and we still have to aim for that. Because, like riding a bike, once you get that muscle memory ingrained in your fabric, you carry it with you. And it will become extremely helpful in a couple months.

I say that because it was this time last year that we also were kind of riding high and not necessarily looking towards the other major competition: CONCACAF Champions League. When those games start up, it's going to feel like a grind, and the boys will need to remember how to do both things: scoring goals, and keeping shutouts. So, nothing to worry about just yet, just something to keep in mind.

One thing I did enjoy about this was that Sir Alex Ferguson couldn't have picked a better game to watch. He left right before Caleb Folan scored the late goal, but he'll have seen the goal by now. In any case, I'm hoping he takes it seriously and gives the Sounders a proper test. Because the Sounders are riding so high on form right now, I think there is a lot less pressure on this friendly than in the past two years. No one's really expecting anyone to deliver a good performance, just to have fun. Since the team is having so much fun already, that shouldn't be a problem, and we'll have an entertaining friendly in store for us. Well at least it'll hopefully be a more lighthearted affair than our northern neighbors and their Manchester counterparts.

Sorry about the missing preview for today's game. I'll be back with more coverage later.

Until then, Take 'em all!