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Women's World Cup Final: United States v Japan - Open Thread

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Hope Solo of course gets the most attention in these parts of the ladies on the United States Women's World Cup squad. Some of that is due to her growing up in our state and playing for the Huskies, it is also because she's quite good. The other most recognizable name for Sounders fans that have only casually watched the games is Alex Morgan. One could refer to her as Servando Carrasco's girlfriend, but maybe that needs to be flipped around as she is making a great name for herself.

The USWNT is on a quest for their third World Cup title and Japan their first. Japan got to the Final by most notably beating Germany. For the USA their path is most notable for the win over Brazil with the last match against France being more expected.

TV Coverage is on ESPN, and it is being legally streamed on

Game starts at 11:45 Pacific. Coverage has already begun.

This is your open thread to watch the US Women do what no other nation has done before, win a third World Cup.

Here's the US lineup;  Solo; Krieger, Rampone, Buehler, LePeilbet; O'Reilly, Boxx, Lloyd, Rapinoe; Wambach, Cheney