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Women's World Cup TV Ratings Explode - Mean Nothing For Club Game

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No, the United States Women didn't win the World Cup in Germany over the weekend, but they did win the battle of compelling television. With marketable names, extensive ESPN coverage and America's love of great sports stories they managed to pull in an 8.6 overnight rating. Frankly that is amazing.

The MLB All-Star Game had a 6.9
The Open for golf had a 2.6
The last World Series for baseball had an 8.4 average

Hooray soccer?

Yes and no. Soccer, specifically World Cup soccer for both genders is very popular in the United States for some time. We are a nation of nationalists. People will watch snowboarding every four years if an American is involved. They do the same for the 100m sprints. They'll even watch the America's Cup sailing events. All of those are quite like soccer in the USA.

For television people are not watching their local clubs, in fact they aren't really watching the best either as the UEFA Champions League Final drew less than a 2.0 rating even though it featured the best team on the planet.

Please, everyone, stop looking for a magic pill, or a true sign. Soccer in America continues to grow. But there will not be a single moment that changes everything. WPS is still on shaky ground, despite so many of the world's best playing here. Will this World Cup help? Probably. Will it solve the problems haunting the league? Almost certainly not.

Sunday was an amazing day for our sport. It will be a long time before we find out if it had any lasting impact for any version of the club game.