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Alliance Council Update

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The monthly meeting for the Seattle Sounders Alliance Council was prior to the Colorado Rapids match. This regular scheduled meeting was originally intended as a Council only meeting with the club invited to observe, but wound up with some special guests from the Football Association who are visiting with Manchester United.

You can read the notes at the Alliance Council blog. Rachel will be posting notes from EVERY meeting there. If there is an observer from the club they may also post a report as well. The next meeting will be after the club has finished their review of the Council generated Constitution and Bylaws and should include a Charter which defines exactly what powers the Council and Alliance have. This will include not just the every four year General Manager vote, but also likely to include methodology to hold a recall. The recall was referenced, but not defined, on the Sounders website upon their launch.

Somewhat notable to readers here is that I was elected by the Council as the Vice-President for the remainder of the 2011 season. Essentially I am the back-up to the President who will be responsible for organizing Council meetings, and that's it. Notable is that the Council officers are an ECS member, a GFC member and myself.

This also means that I will be running to remain on Council. You can vote for me here. Please enter Dave Clark to simplify their voting process (although to my knowledge I am the only Dave/David Clark that is a season ticket holder at this time).