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Kasey Keller Makes Arrangements To Be At All-Star Game - Finds Out He's Not Wanted

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Kasey Keller wants to be at the All Star Game and MLS won't let him.
Kasey Keller wants to be at the All Star Game and MLS won't let him.

UPDATE: Keller will now be the 3rd Keeper at the AllStar Game.



While there is much debate about whether the MLS All-Star Game should exist, or be scheduled at all, there is one thing that isn't in doubt. Players that are selected, and that want to be there, should be. In Kasey Keller's case this is not true. Today on KJR-AM Seattle with the Gasman he put forward that he and the Seattle Sounders were going to fly him from Panama to Newark in order to make an appearance.

While his wife was cruising the internet making arrangements she found out that the Sounders keeper was no longer on the active roster. So, the most popular keeper in the league was going to go out of his way to be at the game, while the league decided that he wasn't going to be available without telling him and the team.


Or listent to the full interview

"We were trying really hard to figure out how I could get there and be a part of it and everything. We figured out that I could get on a flight and get there for Four o'clock from Panama on Wednesday. Maybe I couldn't play, or maybe only play a token 15-20 minutes or something like that, but we thought we figrued it out and that was going to work. Then my wife was on the internet yesterday, looking at flights to get her and the kids out to the game. She flips on the MLS website, and found out that I wasn't named to the 22 to play in the game.

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