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Ok, I nabbed this also on the Sounders facebook page. But, like anyone else in the world, nothing winds me down from a long hard day like gazing at some porn.

It's like blondes vs. brunettes, most people are usually die-hard Nike or Adidas, never both. I'm actually more a Nike guy, but you gotta admit the new Predators are a good looking boot. Just look at that bottom. Some solid looking studs.

While we're at it, I dunno if you guys have noticed the new Tiempo's Nate Jaqua has been wearing this season. For years I've been trying to pull off the classy white shoe look, and I'm slightly (read:very) jealous that Nate wears it so well. I think the only thing stopping me from being as good as Nate is that I am not just not classy enough. Also, that these shoes are only $275 (carbon fiber makes everything faster).

I remember when I used to just buy Nike Tiempo's. The only additional descriptors you needed then was soft-ground or firm-ground. Now there's like 'Tiempo Legend Elite IV', 'Mercurial Vapor Superfly III', 'King XL i Unity', 'adiPure IV TRX Predator'.

But if there's one shoe that is the shining crystal slipper, I think it has to be this one. Pantofola d'Oro make some gorgeous looking shoes.

So, um, *taking off socks*, I'll be right back...

Aw yeah.