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Against Manchester United Which Seattle Sounders Player Do You Want To See?

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Miguel Montano should be on the field again tonight. Who else will we see that we usually don't?
Miguel Montano should be on the field again tonight. Who else will we see that we usually don't?

One of the most interesting things to me about this Manchester United at Seattle Sounders friendly is the fact that we will get to see players that we don't often see. With the unlimited substitutions the deep roster should get some run. Even one trialist will get some time as Mrisho Ngassa will take the pitch in his first test while here in Seattle.

Of course seeing Mike Fucito will be a big deal for me. You all know that, but what other players are going to enchant us tonight that we don't normally see?

I want to take a look at Josh Ford. Ford hasn't gotten a run in even Reserve League games and so this will be the first time we can get a look at the man who got the MLS roster slot over impressive Bryan Meredith. His athleticism is his greatest asset, and should be tested against even the United reserves.

Brian: Mrisho Ngassa
Just because I want to see a young kid fulfilling what has to be a huge dream of his by playing Manchester United. It may just be a friendly, but it probably won't mean more to anyone on the field than him.

Jeremiah: Ngassa
While almost everyone on the team is probably super stoked to get to be on the same field as Manchester United (except maybe Keller and Rosales who have kinda been there, done that), it's an even bigger deal for Ngassa. Back in Tanzania they are talking about how he's going to be the first Tanzanian to ever play against Manchester United. That's simply awesome. Will be great to see what he can do.

Dizzo: Miguel Montano
I'm most excited to see Montano get some playing time.  He has all the skills, but hasn't been able to show he can make the right decisions against serious competition.  This could be his best opportunity this season to show Sigi and us that he deserves some real minutes.  With CCL and the Open Cup in full swing, now is a perfect time for Montano to step up and contribute.

sidereal: Servando Carrasco
I actually want to see Carrasco in there for some big minutes, and not only because it'll give him something to talk about other than Alex Morgan.  He had a good run in the early third of the season as a defensive harrying Alonso understudy and that's a position at which I'd love to have some depth.  Man United would be a great test of his ability to disrupt an attacking midfield.

So, who do you want to see get time tonight?