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Who are ya! Who are ya!


(Ed. note - I am currently on a mix of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory steroids for allergies, but if anything it's made me more inflammatory, both on the inside and outside. Therefore, this post is a grouchy one)

Intrigue! Danger! Possible on-field violence in form of small scuffles!

Some team named Manchester United are playing tonight in a friendly billed as "highly entertaining". Above is a picture of said team of stars. Should be noted that said team of stars is also billed as "one of best top ten teams in history".

I'm not a particularly big Manchester United fanboy, or actually even a fan, to any great extent, so I won't rip into the game. I know that for the big Manchester United fanboys (trust me, I've seen the shrines and Beckham shirts and general waxy eyed look at the mere mention of Giggs) this is like a dream come true, to see your heroes face off in front of you against your hometown team (though really, you'd call Manchester home if only you knew what a manc was).

So sure, I'll watch the game tonight, but only for lack of anything better to do during a mid-week evening. The only time I'll only cheer is if Javier Hernandez slips and falls on his face, or if Wayne Rooney drinks a beer. Honestly, the only reason why I am going to watch it is to make sure none of our (read: YOUR) players get injured.

It would be nice to see the reserves be the highlight of the match, with the likes of Seamon, Estrada, Montano, and Jaqua needing to shake some rust off. I figure a handful of starters get thrown in, Mike Fucito gets some minutes (in case the rumors of shopping him are true), but my overall impression before the match is 'meh'.